Creative Movement

Course Description:  Mommy Me Class  

cm smallThe Creative Movement Class is for ages 2 ½ -4 years of age; children take class along with their parents but not necessary if provided at Day Care.
Focus of Class:
  • Development of Motor Skills

  • Beginning Dance Movements

  • Tap & Ballet basics 

  • Beginning Acrobatic/Tumbling Movements

  • Singing

  • Games & Rhythm Exercises

  • Socialization

  • Listening Skills

  • Directional & Shapes Skills

Ballet/Tap/Acro 2-4 yrs old
Saturday 9:30-10:30 with Miss Sara
To help develops motor skills and musicality through dance movement. The children will begin to link several movements together through obstacle courses, games, and new dance steps. Using dance elements such as tempo, shapes, levels, and dynamics, they will be able to explore their own creativity. The children will learn to differentiate qualities of movement while developing a dimensional and directional awareness of space.
Class Break Down:
20 Minutes Ballet Movement
20 Minutes Tap Movement
20 Minutes Acro Movement
Each class will be taught based around a particular “Theme” (Shapes, Directions, Weather, Animals, Tempos, Levels etc) The same theme will be taught for 3 weeks, then changed to a new theme. Such repetition will help the child better absorb the material, and the change in theme will still allow the child to be stimulated.
Parents are permitted, and strongly encouraged, to accompany their child during class for the first several weeks. After that, if the child feels comfortable we will gradually try to encourage them to begin to explore their movements on their own during class time.  
Age Level:  2½ - 4 year old (class taken with 1 parent)
Class Length:  1 hour
Class Price:  $40.00 per month ~ 1 day per week
Instructor:  Miss Sara